Loki is a Norse trickster-god who evolved from a troublesome prankster to an ever-more malicious entity throughout the many stories of Norse lore until he was ultimately punished by the gods for his treachery by being bound to a rock until the day of Ragnarok while a serpent drips venom into his eyes from above.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Loki is said to lead the evil forces of Ragnarok once freed in an apocalyptic war against the gods, according to most legends during this battle he and the god Heimdallr shall face in combat and slay each other.

In the Danish comic series and the movie Valhalla which is remarkably close to the myths, he is a considerably comedic and harmless con-man. While boastful and rude whenever he gets the chance he remains a coward at heart ready to slip away from any actual danger

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