Padomay, also known as Sithis, El, Akel and Is Not, was a demonic deity of chaos and darkness who is the younger brother and adversary of the god of order and light, Anu. Padomay is a being of pure evil as well as nothingness who seeks to destroy all that exists. The Dark Brotherhood are a cult of assassins that worship the dark being and kill in his twisted honor. He is the devil of the world of the Elder Scrolls series.

Anu was once the center of his world and balance, but eventually the being of chaos Padomay came into existence and challenged Anu in fierce combat. Their battle resulted in their demise, but their fierce battle ended up creating their realm Aurbi, and their spilled blood ended up mixing together to begin the creation of the noble Aedra who would represent Anu's will, while Padomay's lone blood gave birth to the chaotic Daedra who would become as unpredictable as their predecessor.

After Anu and Padomay's fall, they each rebirthed their own souls, Anu's soul becoming Anui-El and Padomay's becoming Sithis. When Anui-El noticed Aurbis was chaotic, he rebirthed himself once more to further his self-reflection and bring it order, and thus he was born as Auri-El, the Dragon God of Time who would later popular be known as Akatosh, and would bring order to the realm but would allow the primordial Aedra and Daedra to take forms and names. Meanwhile Sithis's simply became a void beyond existence whose only desire is to bring all of creation to an end, however since his very nature is nothing, he does not interact with the world directly and only acts through one chosen follower known as the Night Mother.


  • Padomay may also be the Adversary, the being viewed by the Skaal as the eternal nemesis of the All-Maker, who shares several traits with Padomay, such as both being entities of chaos and darkness and dark adversaries who oppose a grand creator.